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Innovation and quality are the hallmarks of a good company, but service sets apart the good from the great. Integrity Products, Inc. strives to be great in our Customer Service, Order Fulfillment, and Custom Manufacturing operations.

At Integrity Products, Inc., we believe people come first. That's why you'll get a real voice when you call, no digital imitations. We provide friendly, personal service and timely response to your questions. In a hurry? Ask about our same day or expedited delivery services. We are located in the heart of the United States, so we can ensure a timely delivery.

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History of Integrity Products

President Jeff Bailey was pursuing entrance into medical school when, through his career path, he discovered his passion—designing, developing and supplying components for clinical laboratories. While honing his skills in the lab where he worked, Jeff recognized an opportunity and began to formulate a business plan. In 1993 he applied his firsthand knowledge of the medical laboratory industry to found Integrity Products, Inc.

Since that time, Jeff has overseen the progression of Integrity Products, Inc. from a generic components provider to a fully integrated manufacturing operation and high quality resale distributing network for Integrity Products, Inc. as well as an OEM manufacturer. He's expanded his reach to pursue new innovations and alternative products in a market dominated by a few big players.

"Business isn't done with companies — it's done with people. It's the character of people that make a company what it is. That's the philosophy we've maintained from the inception of Integrity Products, Inc., and it's captured in our name." - Jeff Bailey

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