Integrity Green

Integrity Green is our initiative at Integrity Products, Inc. to make a positive impact in the world through the medical laboratory field. Integrity Products' unique plastic formulation offers a greener approach to traditional laboratory disposables.

The Problem

  • Old incinerators have been found to pollute
  • Even new incinerators raise questions about environmental impact
  • Thousands of pounds of laboratory disposables are thrown out every day
  • Plastic sits in landfills for hundreds of years

Our Solution

  • Our unique plastic formulation is being used in our line of specimen collection containers
  • Our biodegradable products do not have to be incinerated
  • Our biodegradable products won’t sit in a landfill for hundreds of years
  • Our claims are backed by a 3rd party laboratory studies

Why Purchase?

  • Plastic is necessary for laboratory disposables
  • Recycling is not an option in many cases
  • You'll receive high quality products you won’t mind throwing away
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How It Works

All of our green lab products are made with our unique additive which accelerates the biodegradation in plastics. Our additive causes the product to be attractive to hungry microorganisms in microbe-rich environments such as landfills. The microbes digest the plastic and leave behind humus, methane, and carbon dioxide. To validate our claims, we had an independent laboratory test our product using American Scientific Testing Methods.


Integrity Products wanted to make sure our products would not affect your lab testing, so we had two independent laboratories validate them under a variety of tests.

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Our Green Products

Integrity Products, Inc. manufactures our own green products, so we can ensure the quality meets only the highest standards.

  • 60 X 48 Specimen Cups
  • 90 X 48 Specimen Cups
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