Integrity Products, Inc. focuses on developing and distributing quality products for use in the laboratory market.

Our products offer:

  • Custom design and development
  • Contract manufacturing
  • Quality designs that work well inside and outside of the laboratory
  • Competitive costs to both large and small laboratories
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Specimen Cups

Integrity Products, Inc. manufactures a line of specimen collection cups that are truly innovative for the laboratory industry.

Our Cup Features:

  • Quarter Turn Cap that helps reduce the risk of repetitive motion injuries
  • Cap Design that reduces the amount of leaking specimens received in the lab
  • Green Cup design reduces amount of plastic used
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Specimen Bags

Integrity Products, Inc focuses on supplying laboratories different bag options at very competitive prices.

Bag Features:

  • Custom design and development
  • Custom printing on bags
  • Many different styles ranging from adhesive and ziplock style to biohazard waste disposal type bags
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Test Tubes

Integrity Products, Inc. focuses on supplying laboratories a wide range of quality, cost effective plastic test tubes in many different sizes and quantities.

Test Tube Features:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Many different sizes, styles, and configurations
  • Manufactured with the quality expected and required for laboratory use
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Centrifuge Tubes

Integrity Products, Inc distributes quality plastic centrifuge tubes in different sizes and configurations to meet your laboratory's specific needs.

Centrifuge Tube Features:

  • Tray and bulk packaging available
  • Printed or molded graduations available
  • 50ml Centrifuge Tubes rate at 10,000 RCF
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