Specimen Cups

Our Specimen Cups are manufactured at our facility in the United States and offer the industry the "gold" standard in specimen cups. Our specimen containers provide the combination of a great seal at a competitive price all while reducing the amount of plastic used in our cups.

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Specimen Cup 1/4 Turn Feature

Quarter Turn Cap Design

Our Specimen Cups are the industries only specimen cups with a true quarter turn design. We worked hard to provide the convenience of a quarter turn with the seal required by lab technicians and industry regulations

  • More consistent seal that meets 95 KPA standards
  • Reduces risk of repetitive motion injuries
  • Faster to cap and uncap- Important when working with a lot of samples
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Positive Identification Closure

Our Specimen Cups are manufactured with a unique positive identification closure.

Our Positive Identification Closure gives:

  • User the ability to know when the cap is sealed correctly
  • Laboratories the ability to know if the cap was sealed properly at the collection site
Specimen Cup proof of seal
Specimen Container Cap

Environmentally Friendlier Cups

Integrity Products, Inc.'s specimen containers provide the best option for laboratories and users that want the greenest choice. Our cups use 15-25% less plastic than some of our competitors.

  • 15-25% less plastic used in manufacturing
  • 15-25% less plastic incinerated or disposed in a landfill
  • Lighter cups mean less weight to ship
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Configuration Options

CONFIGURATION #1 - We offer cups without labels and without temperature strips.

CONFIGURATION #2 - Our labels offer the user sufficient writing surface for patient and sample information.

CONFIGURATION #3 - Our calibrated thermal profiles include temperature ranges from 90°F to 100°F to help identify a valid specimen sample.

CONFIGURATION #4 - We offer a tamper evident label with a security tab to ensure the integrity of the sample.

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