Test Tubes

Integrity Products, Inc. supplies a wide range of plastic test tubes for a variety of uses in the laboratory. We work hard to supply quality test tubes at very competitive prices. Our test tubes are inspected with great care to ensure the tubes meet our high standards.

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Plastic Test Tubes

Integrity Products, Inc. has a wide variety of plastic test tubes used in analyzers, for storage, and many other applications.

  • Made in Polypropylene, Polypropylene-Copolymer, and Polystyrene
  • Many different sizes and packaging configurations
  • Many different color choices
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Urine Test Tubes

We distribute both BD and Greiner plastic urine test tubes. Both manufacturers make quality tubes with different size and draw options.

  • Evacuated Test Tubes for easy transfer
  • Urine Tubes with preservatives
  • Multiple draw options that meet different requirements
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Culture Tubes

Integrity Products, Inc distributes both plastic and glass culture tubes. The plastic test tubes are sterile and come with a 2 position cap that allows for either aerobic or anaerobic sample storage.

  • Sterile Plastic Culture Tubes
  • 2-Position Cap for aerobic or anaerobic sample storage
  • Different size options
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Transport Tubes

We provide transport tubes in multiple sizes. Our transport tubes are manufactured with chemically inert material and are ideal for shipping specimens from location to location.

  • Made with chemical inert material
  • Transport tubes do not leak in transit
  • Multiple size options to meet various needs

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