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    Quality products means less to worry about in your lab. Integrity Products, Inc. offers quality lab supplies at competitive prices.

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  • Specimen Cups

    Integrity Products, Inc. makes specimen cups that reduce waste, save labs money, and do not leak.

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  • Specimen Bags

    Integrity Products, Inc. offers over 200 different plastic bag options to meet your needs in the lab.

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  • Test Tubes

    Integrity Products, Inc. supplies a variety of plastic test tubes to fulfill your laboratory needs.

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Integrity Green is our initiative to make a positive impact in the laboratory world.

All of our green lab products are made with our unique additive which accelerates the biodegradation in plastics. Our additive causes the product to be attractive to hungry microorganisms in microbe-rich environments such as landfills. Let Integrity Green products benefit your lab by:

  • Reducing your carbon footprint
  • Reducing your disposal costs
  • Saving your lab money
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